Smart Money Tactic

This Could Put $1,092 Extra Cash in Your Account

We all know that the price of petrol keeps going up. Unleaded has risen from $1.50/litre to $1.69/litre in 12 months.

That’s a 13% increase in just a year.

How many of us shop at Woolworths just to get the 4c/litre saving on petrol?

If it’s not you then I’m sure that you know someone who does.

But you don’t need to bother switching supermarkets to save a measly 4 cents.

Thanks to technology and the NSW Government, there is now an App that you can download that can save you 20c/litre or more.

That’s like rewinding the clock on fuel prices by a year!

That could save you $21 when filling up a 60 litre fuel tank.

And if you’re doing that every week, then that’s nearly $1,100 a year you could be saving.

Just go to the App Store and search for NSW Fuelcheck.

It’s free to download but could save you thousands.