Managed Portfolios

We focus on returns, not looks

Our Investment Philosophy has been distilled down to 10 core beliefs, and none of them are about following the herd! If you want average returns then just keep your money where it is. Alternatively, if you want to protect your money from the downside risk or the next GFC, if you want to profit from the market movements that will absolutely happen in the coming years then speak to us.

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  • Have a home and equity
  • Experienced investor
  • Getting ready to retire
  • Retired with investment income
  • Choose the right structure to minimise tax
  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Enhanced Income
  • Portfolio Protection from the next Market Crash


All our Wealth Partners have a minimum 10 years experience and have implemented the same types of strategies for themselves and their family as they recommend to you.
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We only recommend investments that we would invest in with our family.


We partner with you to create the best strategies and investments to achieve your goals with the highest degree of certainty.


All our Wealth Partners are required to hold the highest level qualifications.

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No Commissions

We do not accept commissions from anything we recommend (except mortgages for now). That way you know we are working for you, not selling to you.

Total Wealth Management

We consider both shares and property as investment options available to you. Ask yourself, are you really getting Total Wealth Management where you are, right now?

Why Model Portfolios?

Model Portfolios allow us to deliver our best investment ideas at the same time for all of our clients. Everyone is treated equally. Additionally they allow us to take a high conviction approach like when to sell out of Australian Shares or when to buy other investments.

Model Portfolios

Our experience managing client money via Model Portfolios means that we invest the way we would want it to be managed for our family. After all, they are our clients too!

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