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If we don’t find a way to make or save you $1,000* during the Consultation, We Pay You Ourselves!

*Minimum qualifying criteria: <51 years old. Income of $100k+ or $120k+ as a couple. Available cash or equity of 150k+. DSR<40.



What’s included in Your Strategy Session?

Review of your Current Position

  • Loan structures & Rates
  • Current Investments, both Shares & Property
  • Super
  • Personal Insurances
  • Family Trusts
  • Business Structure & Succession Plan

Clearly Document Your Goals

Sometimes we just need someone else to help us to focus on the same goals.

Understand ALL options available to achieve Your Goals

We will clearly point out:

  • Areas of inefficiency
  • Where we can add value
  • Tips to improve your investments


Don’t trust a graduate with your financial future.
Choose our team of professionals with over 100 years combined experience (one of whom formerly headed up the financial advice department of a major bank).


Other firms will try to push you into buying financial products they get paid to promote. Not us. We have ZERO vested interests. Our only goal is helping you build your wealth.


We help you see the whole financial picture over the long term. Getting your retirement right depends on striking the perfect mix of property, investment, debt and tax decisions – and executing them at the perfect time.


That means we will not try to steer you into a financial product or only one investment. We’ll discover whatever works best for you, regardless of asset class or investment methodology.

Our Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee To You

We’re so confident that we can help you accelerate your journey to a financially comfortable and stress-free retirement that we offer you this guarantee: If you partner with Cooee Wealth Partners and you’re not completely satisfied with our work in the first 7 days,we’ll refund your entire fee, no questions asked.

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Our Guarantees

  • We guarantee no commissions.
  • We guarantee to tell the truth about your financial situation… no matter how uncomfortable it may be, or how hard it is to explain the changes you need to make.
  • We guarantee you a financial re-education that shows how your finances really work.
  • We guarantee complete confidentiality.
  • We guarantee a 100% tailored approach to your financial situation.
  • We guarantee proven and time tested stategies normally used by the rich to accelerate you towards the retirement you want.


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