Why Advice First?

We know that it is very hard for the average person to know where to look when getting advice. Who can you trust with your hard-earned money?

Put simply, it’s the difference between having a personalised plan developed with you based on your own circumstances and just being sold a product. If you are not paying your Adviser directly then someone else is, and they work for them, not you.


Questions to ask your Adviser, Super Fund, Property Consultant…

  • Why would you get advice from someone who has never actually implemented the same strategies for themselves?
    Or worse still, someone with the bare minimum qualifications!
  • If you had to get heart surgery, would you choose the doctor with the least experience who had never operated before or one who has many years of experience and has even operated on their own mother-in-law?…and she lived!
  • What about their finances, are they building wealth tax effectively?
  • What returns are they getting?
  • What risks are they taking?
  • What do they invest in?
  • What happens if your Adviser dies or retires before you do? Who advises you then?




All our Wealth Partners have extensive experience and have implemented the same types of strategies for themselves and their family as they recommend to you.
Meet the Team


We only recommend investments that we would invest in with our family.


We partner with you to create the best strategies and investments to achieve your goals with the highest degree of certainty.


All our Wealth Partners are required to hold the highest level qualifications;

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No Commissions

We do not accept commissions from anything we recommend (except mortgages for now). That way you know we are working for you, not selling to you.

Total Wealth Management

We consider both shares and property as investment options available to you.
Ask yourself, are you really getting Total Wealth Management where you are, right now?