Why Cooee

Our promise to you

If we can’t significantly add value to your current position through building wealth, reducing your costs or fees or giving you more confidence with your finances then there is no fee.

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  • Have a home and equity
  • Experienced investor
  • Getting ready to retire
  • Retired with investment income
  • Improve your cashflow
  • Create passive income
  • Refinance to a lower rate mortgage
  • Buy, build and sell a Property Investment for profit
  • Rebate insurance commissions
  • Minimise income tax
  • Minimise tax in super

Why Choose Cooee?


All our Wealth Partners have extensive experience and have implemented the same types of strategies for themselves and their family as they recommend to you.
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We only recommend investments that we would invest in with our family.


We partner with you to create the best strategies and investments to achieve your goals with the highest degree of certainty.


All our Wealth Partners are required to hold the highest level qualifications including;

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No Commissions

We do not accept commissions from anything we recommend (except mortgages for now). That way you know we are working for you, not selling to you.

Total Wealth Management

We consider both shares and property as investment options available to you.
Ask yourself, are you really getting Total Wealth Management where you are, right now?

Our Proven Planning Process

We constantly check back with you to ensure that your plan is what you are comfortable with.

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Meet the Team

Our teams’ number one goal is to assist you to achieve your goals with the highest degree of certainty. What does that mean? It means we work with you and we work for you to intimately understand what makes you tick to ensure that we consider the best strategies that you are comfortable with. Just straight forward advice, no fluff, it’s the cold hard truth.

Our team includes savvy strategists, fanatical financiers and passionate property investors to name but a few.