Retirement Solutions

Retirement is the beginning of a new life

For many people, retirement marks the beginning of a new life where they are free to do what they want, pursue their hobbies and spend time with family members. But all this is possible only if you have a steady income coming in every month and don’t have to worry about financial obligations. That is why retirement planning is so important.

Planning for retirement is much more than wishful thinking and a routine contribution to your superannuation. If you want a stress-free retired life without compromising on your current standards of living, you need to research and plan your post-retirement finances carefully. No matter what stage or situation of life you are in, it is never too early or too late to start planning for your retirement, and the right advice can make all the difference to your planning.

Prepare for a stress-free retirement with our retirement planning services

We, at Cooee Wealth Partners, help you prepare for an enjoyable retired life by providing you with comprehensive retirement planning services. We consider every aspect of your situation and work with you to enhance your retirement plan using the wide variety of options available to you.


Some of the ways in which we can assist you in your retirement planning include:



Helping you choose the right investment

We map your goals to your current assets and debts, and help you choose the right investment options based on your overall financial situation.


Advising you on Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Based on your financial situation and future goals, we help you determine if it would be prudent for you to remain with your existing superannuation fund or establish an SMSF.


Helping you consolidate multiple funds

We help you locate different sources of funds and advise you on their consolidation in order to reduce duplicate fees.


Choosing the right insurance

We help you choose the right insurance inside and outside of your superannuation that will give you the right amount of coverage.


Guiding you on extra contributions

We help you understand the positive and negative implications of making additional contributions to your super.


Maximising your benefits

We work with you to determine the range of government benefits that you may be eligible for and help you receive them.


Budgeting your income

We create an effective budget for your post-retirement income to ensure that it remains sufficient for the rest of your life.

With our expertise and experience, we will be able to add value to your retirement plan regardless of your age, circumstances and current strategies.


Contact us today to begin planning for your ideal retired life.